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Maxxis Shorty Tyres give you that power grip

Power with surface grip is the ambition for mountain bike riders but as with any wheel operated mode of transportation, the solution revolves around what you put on those wheels! Although you may take pride in having a machine with supreme power, without tyres able to grip a surface, your power machine is creating a lot of wasted energy.

There are various tyre options, such as the maxxis shorty tyres launched into the biking marketplace when trail bikes were styled lower to the ground and the focus was on larger volume tyres. The majority of wet weather tyres are designed with a lower profile and narrowed width of about 2.0” or 2.1.” This can be perceived by some riders as being over-slim for an extended travel bike.

Why Maxxis Shorty Tyres?

The shorty maxxis offer a larger width of 2.3” which conforms well when changing from a comparable volume summer tread. This is a particular feature with the maxxis shorty tyres and one that provides a high degree of versatility for the rider. The Shorty from Maxxis is a tyre that is critically predictable which generates confidence in the rider for handling a bike in wet and various other inclement conditions. They are tyres that can be utilised during off-season biking in a park use or on “enduro” bikes in winter conditions.

However, the shorty maxxis also prove themselves when a true grip is needed; such as in off-piste natural riding environments. This is where these tyres make for a great overall choice and which can be added to by the fact that they are also available in a Wide Trail (WT) 2.5” width! This is supported by a larger volume and highly durable sidewall casing that in addition to giving excellent support also provides control even with a lower pressure. With a weight factor about 800g, these maxxis shorty tyres will not restrict you, which is added to by an easy tubeless setup and a 3C compound for exceptional traction with an acceptable degree of wear.

The “Shorty” is described by Maxxis as a mid-spike trail tyre suited for demanding conditions! It’s obtainable either as a dual-ply DH tyre or in a lighter body form to meet enduro and trail bikes needs. With all three wheel sizes being considered, your shorty maxxis tubeless tyres with their 3C triple rubber compound content are ready for any challenge!

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