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Maxxis MA LAS - good safety and high comfort from January to December

By Maxxis MA LAS the popular Chinese tyre manufacturer has a reliable and secure all-season tyres developed on the go all year round stable and comfortable.

Good grip and flexibility

Maxxis MA LAS can not only convince with its very reasonable price. In addition, he has many good running, what this Maxxis all season tyres makes it a highly reliable companion. This is particularly the qualitative tread compound due to, which is provided with a high proportion of silica. Thus, the Maxxis MA LAS characterized by a very high grip, even at lower temperatures and guaranteed even in difficult driving situations good adhesion and high flexibility. Equally noteworthy is its good load capacity, so you can also carry heavier loads without problems. His good winter performance is witnessed by the snowflake symbol that can be found on the sidewall of the Maxxis MA LAS.

Maxxis - quality tyres that do not cost much

The tyre manufacturer Maxxis has long been appreciated by millions of drivers around the world. This is the qualitative and reliable tyres from Maxxis thanks, do not let the motorists even in difficult driving situations down. In addition, all models are distinguished by a very good price-performance ratio, so that you can see yourself as more price-conscious motorists a quality tyre. Add to this the good choice of tyres that meets all needs and desires to a large extent.

Maxxis MA LAS proves to be a powerful all-season tyres, which is very suitable for light to medium vans. From January to December proves this model from Maxxis a solid and reliable performance, which is reflected among other things in a high grip and in a good capacity and a perfect adhesion.

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