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Maxxis AT-771 Bravo Tyres

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Maxxis Bravo 771 Tyre

There’s no mistaking a Maxxis product. If you see low prices and high performance, then that’s the giveaway. The Maxxis Bravo 771 tyre is a dream come true. It features the most extraordinary tread patterns, including sidewall lugs for better grip. The sidewall has rubber blocks to help stay firmly on the ground.

Specialized Tread

The tyre Maxxis Bravo 771 uses a five-rib design, with two ribs extended over the edge of the rim. The tread allows this tyre to have amazing off-road and wet performance. One look at the Maxxis and you know that this will last longer and if it doesn’t then you don’t have to worry. You have the 50,000-mile tread warranty policy, all of this followed by an affordable price.

Is It Worth buying Tyre Maxxis Bravo 771

The tyre uses the ultimate tread compound for hydroplaning and off-road driving. It does not wear out within the first month. The sidewall has lugs which help keep the grip on the ground, regardless of the type of terrain. It is best suited for dirt and wet roads but not an ideal option as a winter tyre. The tyre comes with 50,000-mile tread warranty.

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