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tyres for the transportation business: The Tigar Cargo Speed

The professional transport business requires professional tyres. tyres for vans and vans must be distinguished by a long service life, after all, they are almost daily on highways and country roads. By particularly durable treads and balanced handling characteristics falls on the Tigar Cargo Speed.

Secure performance on wet roads

Tigar provides cheap tyres from the Far East. On the quality is however not spared: The Tigar Cargo Speed ​​combines an innovative tread design with modern tread technology. The profile falls by three circumferential longitudinal ribs in the eye, which separate the different tread blocks apart. These ribs provide a fast and reliable water drainage. On wet surfaces the Transporter summer tyres therefore is a safe performance. The tread blocks are interrupted by numerous fins that give the Tigar Cargo Speed ​​excellent grip.

Durable, economical tyre

Constructed the Tigar Cargo Speed ​​for all trucks and vans that bring many kilometers behind. Therefore, the treads are made of particularly stable silica compounds. They are thermally stable, also deform under heat barely making it ideal for the summer. Due to the low wear of the Tigar Cargo Speed ​​rarely needs to be replaced and therefore falls as very economical tyres. He is in various dimensions for rims available 14-16 inches. Registered in the speed category R, ​​Transporter with this tyre may be up to 170 km/h on the road.

Its long life makes the Tigar Cargo Speed ​​a popular vans tyres. The handling in wet and dry is equally safe, also points the tyres by a strong sustainability.

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