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Serbian tyre manufacturing company, Tigar tyre, was founded in 1935 initially as a rubber manufacturing company, but by the time managed to maintain their standard and now is the customer’s most wanted choice as a tyre company. This company has launched 2 categories of brand each having a variety of tyres.

High performance summer

This category includes Tigar Prima, Tigar Sigura, Tigar Syneris.

Tigar Prima tyres

These tyres have dry grip but wet grip of these tyres is not much good when comparing to dry grip. These tyres are durable have a lesser wear rate. These tyres are not very comfortable, but are durable and good to be used on dry surfaces in summers.

Tigar Sigura tyres

These tyres have minimum noise range and are barely audible, hence are comfortable and not distressing. These tyres have good wet traction and but their fuel efficacy is average. Wet traction of these tyres is excellent and provide good water drainage. These tyres are comfortable to use.

Tigar Syneris tyres

These tyres have remarkable dry traction and good wet grip. The wear rate of these tyres is also less, hence economical to use. These tyres have a noise range of 70dB to 72dB and are comfortable to use. The fuel economy of these tyres also improves over time.

Touring summer

Tigar Hitris tyres
These tyres have excellent wet traction, they do not lose grip over wet roads and provide safety for the driver. These tyres have noise range of 70dB which is barely audible, hence are comfortable.

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