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save 1 Fuel By Tigar Winter

The Tigar Winter 1 is a winter tyre that is suitable for an average ride. It does not matter whether the Tigar Winter 1 is to be run on a commercial vehicle or a car, because it has a low fuel consumption and receives at different testers also scores in terms of its wear.

tyres with low wear

Positive on Tigar Winter 1 are low wear and low fuel consumption to evaluate, with this information, but rather on an average driving behavior, such as the daily commute to the office, reflect. Basically it is in this type of tyre to a tyre for a short or shorter trips by car. Therefore, whoever is looking for alternatives for a disproportionately frequent handling and long distances, can on many other Tigar Tyres series draw. Even cheap summer tyres Tigar has in large numbers.

The Tigar Winter 1 for every need and every budget

The Tigar Winter 1 is produced in Serbia. Pirot is the city in which the budget tyres are produced. Here is Tigar to proprietary reports Serb leader in the car tyre segment. For several years, there is also a cooperation between Tigar and the premium manufacturer Michelin. This profit models such as the Tigar Winter 1 from the comprehensive know-how that Michelin brings to the Tigar tyre production.

Basically, there is much evidence to go to Tigar Winter 1 - but he is more egeeignet for short distances, which is of course an occasional long distance, such as going on holiday, does not preclude.


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