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Motorcyclists who fear neither snow nor cold weather require special tyresfor their bikes. Winter tyres with a normal rubber mixture are particularly well suited for this purpose. In addition, the tyre models should not have rounded tread blocks. Some manufacturers have specialized in the production of motorcycle winter tyres. These companies offer function-compatible tyres that ensure good traction on snowy and icy roads.

Differences from standard motorcycle tyres

Winter tyreshave a dual tread. For the lower plate, a normal rubber mixture is used. For the duplex plate fiber, reinforced protective rubber is used. This ensures that the carcass of the tyre is not too soft. Motorcyclists can benefit from a functionally compatible tread. Compared with standard tyres, the coefficient of friction is about 30 per cent higher on icy roads. Because of the improved cold elasticity, better articulation and increased grip is achieved. In addition, motorcycle winter tyres feature excellent traction. The driver can thus react quickly and safely – even in extreme situations such as braking or evasive maneuvers.

Winter tyres are also mandatory for motorcycles

The current highway code stipulates that all vehicles be equipped with tyres that match the weather conditions. This regulation also applies to motorcycles. It is expressly stated that even motorcycle winter tyres must have an appropriate tread. It is also important that the tread pattern and tread compound are adapted to wintry conditions. To ensure more grip at lower temperatures, it is recommended that winter tyres be driven with a lower air pressure. On snow-free roads, a pressure of approx. 1 bar leads to pendulum inclination and increased steering effort. On icy and snowy road surfaces, however, a better grip is ensured. Although motorcycle winter tyres play an important role in traffic safety, drivers must adapt their driving style to road conditions. One should maintain a greater safety distance from other vehicles. It is also important to refrain from extreme angles and cornering.

In the past, it was extremely difficult to obtain winter tyres. It was only possible to purchase enduro tyres with the “M+S” (mud and snow) designation. Fortunately, the situation has improved somewhat. Nowadays, there is a greater choice of tyres in this category. These can typically be used at temperatures around 0°C. Those who would like to purchase affordable winter tyres for their motorcycle should perform a comprehensive price comparison online. Prices can differ dramatically from dealer to dealer. To ensure your own safety and reduce the chances of a collusion, it is recommended that you do not ride it under extremely icy or snowy conditions.


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