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Winter tyres are now mandatory in bad conditions. There is no such provision for summer tyres. However, you should change to summer tyres if your old tyres have a legally prescribed tread that falls below 1.6 mm. Experts from ADAC or TÜVrecommend buying new tyres when the tread falls below 3 mm. Otherwise, your motorcycle will not perform well under wet conditions. If the motorcycle summer tyres older than six years, they should also be changed. After this time, the rubber in the tyres is simply not elastic enough. New tyres are also necessary if there are visible dents or cracks or the summer tyres are more worn on one axle than they are on the other. This is often caused by the setting of the chassis. It is therefore worthwhile to check this when changing tyres in the shop. As a rule, a professional change costs around €20. However, many motorcyclists change their own tyres. When mounting tyres, it must be ensured that summer tyres with a better tread are placed on the rear axle. There are motorcycle summer tyres with asymmetrical tread. These are thus bound to a specific direction. On the edge of the tyre, there is an arrow that makes sure that the tyres are mounted in the correct position. If the tyres are mounted incorrectly, this can be quite dangerous.

The mixture makes the difference

The special feature of motorcycle summer tyres is the rubber mixture. It is harder than winter tyres and thus not as soft and spongy at warmer temperatures. There is also less abrasion on the tread. Therefore, the tyre does not wear as quickly. The mixture can be recognized by the marking on the edgeof the summer tyres. The hardness of the rubber mixture can determined via the “Treatwear” number. The nigher the number, the harder rubber. It is possible to find motorcycle tyres at affordable prices. However, you must conduct careful research and perform an online price comparison.

The performance of motorcycle summer tyres

Before the start of the motorcycle season, several periodicals conduct tests of both touring and sport tyres. The tyres of well-known manufacturers such as Pirelli, Dunlop, Michelin, and Continental usually rank quite high in such tests.

To ensure safe summer driving: choose the proper summer tyres for your motorcycle!


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