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The best sport touring tyres

Sport touring tyres are designed to provide drivers with comfortable and safe handling in different weather conditions, and ensure quiet driving. Product Manager of Continental tyres is convinced that sport touring tyres are the best choice for drivers, who also want to have a better wear resistance.

Touring tyres are classified according to speed rate - into S and T. S- rated tyres are coming as standard in some modern vehicles. Specialists say touring tyres have been changed over the last few years, and considering this trend, new tyres with focus on higher speed rating will be designed - V and H.

The best sport touring tyres

All leading tyre manufacturing companies produce sport touring tyres. Here are the best sport touring tyres manufacturers:

  • Bridgestone. The company offers seven different model of sport touring tyres. Bridgestone is famous for its hugh quality products. Therefore, you will be satisfied with the quality of any of the tyre models. Bridgestone tyres ensure stability on the road when touring and sport riding.
  • Dunlop. Dunlop has only one model of sport touring tyres but are known for its quality. A silica additive provides a better grip on the wet road, and micro-sized carbon ensures better grip on the dry road.
  • Continental. Continental company has four model of touring tyres. All products of the company provide great stability of the vehicle and comfort while driving.

All sport touring tyres are different at price and vary depending on manufacturer. However, if purchasing tyres online, you can get original product at a lower price.

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