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Asian summer tyres: Toyo Tranpath R23

Hot temperatures, wet road? For a good summer tyre these different conditions should not be a problem. The Toyo Tranpath R23 would be such a tyre. He comes from the large number of Toyo Trapanth Asian manufacturer, the next summer tyres and winter tyres, all-season tyres and off-road tyres covers.

Excellent stability, good wet handling

Important for a reliable and comfortable driving in the summer is the right tread design. The profile of Toyo Tranpath R23 is symmetrical, but not directional. A central longitudinal rib keeps the tyres firmly on the road. The cornering stability convinced. Further longitudinal ribs and the fins of the outer shoulder blocks provide a reliable moisture management. Therefore, the handling of Toyo Tranpath R23 remains comfortable and safe even in the rain. Another criterion for a safe, long-lasting summer tyre is the temperature resistance of the treads. Toyo scheduled for Toyo Tranpath R23 mixtures with a high proportion of silica that then the tyres use only slowly.

Summer tyre for mid-range and compact cars

Due to the low wear of the Toyo Tranpath R23 is a very economical summer tyre . Its dimensions are especially suitable for compact and midsize cars. Admitted he is up to speed class V, the top speed is so at 240 km/h. Even at high speeds, the tyre responds quickly to the brakes. Short braking distances in wet and dry conditions are a significant contribution to improved road safety. The Toyo Tranpath R23 also scores points with a great maneuverability.

convinced the ratio of price and performance: The Toyo Tranpath R23 is also suitable for a smaller budget, but offers great performance and a comfortable ride.

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