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Toyo Proxes R32

Brand tyres Toyo deemed safe and reliable. The Japanese manufacturer combines the latest technologies with high quality materials, so that car tyres are inflated like the Toyo Proxes R32 best properties. Just this tyre is one of the most famous models of the traditional Japanese brand.

Safety and comfort of tradition

Toyo tyre and Rubber Company is the Japanese company that has been producing since 1945 quality car tyres. Shortly after the global market breakthrough the company has secured a solid position in motorsport. This plays a very important role in the development of tyres like the Toyo Proxes R32 today. Technologies from racing are already used in the development, so extremely safe and powerful tyres arise. Toyo car tyres are tested regularly. This contributes to increased safety and quality, as we of Japanese manufacturers like Yokohama and Bridgestone already know. Given derived from motorsport technology is one of the Toyo Proxes R32 to a high-performance tyre that is suitable for the most demanding riders.

Technology, the driving is safer and more comfortable

As with any other Toyo tyres take the development and testing phases relatively long even when the Toyo Proxes R32. With good reason, because the result is a tyre with which one is safe in any situation on the road. Toyo sets also on the proven T-mode technology. Here driving conditions, forces and weather conditions are simulated on the computer on which the tyre is designed accordingly. The result is secure and adaptable car tyres like the Toyo Proxes R32. Thanks Silent Wall technology, the tyre is particularly quiet. 3D Multi Wave sipes reduce deformation of blocks, so steering, braking and accelerating done safely and easily.

The Toyo Proxes R32 drivers can feel safe even in extreme situations, in bad weather or at high speeds. The tyre comes with innovative and patented technologies that make driving comfortable in addition.

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