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Manufacturing expertise with the Toyo Proxes R888 tyres

Founded in 1945 in Osaka Japan, Toyo has become one of the leaders in tyre manufacturing; offering a wide and range of high performance, quality tyres for cars, vans, trucks and Off-road vehicles. Despite incredible advancement and worldwide development, Toyo has maintained its high standards of service and versatility. A manufacturer that is highly market competitive, as demonstrated by the Toyo Proxes r888 price range; at the same time, Toyo is dedicated to delivering the best possible advanced products to their consumers.

Toyo Proxes r888 tyres are primarily utilized for racing purposes, including racetracks and high-performance driving schools. They are tyres possessing increased traction abilities and with an original tread pattern that allows for an exceptional road surface grip. This, in turn, provides maximum road-holding stability and driving comfort.

Value with the Toyo Proxes r888 price

The Toyo Proxes r888 price is calculated to provide the best possible product value for consumers, but in conditions for which they were specifically designed. The tread pattern of the tyres generates an excellent braking ability, particularly in the case of emergency motivated short braking distances. The Toyo r888 Proxes tyres have an inherent maximum operating temperature of 71C degrees to 104C degree (160°F to 220°F).

When considering the crucial aspect of aquaplaning, the unique tread of the Toyo r888 Proxes tyres provides the needed resistance. The aquaplaning process involves water acting as a medium between the road and the tyre, which causes a loss of grip with potentially dangerous results. The grooves of the Toyo r888 Proxes being “V”-shaped, provides an excellent grip while the broader tread surface of the tyre enhances road surface contact.

Toyo Proxes r888 Tyres and road contact

Maintaining adhesion between tyres and a road surface is the main concern for any motorist and the increased tread form of the Toyo r888 Proxes is specifically designed for this function. Safety is improved by utilization by Toyo of an Enhanced R compound tread technology, which maximizes the degree of traction provided by the tyres, which also boast an extraordinarily rapid response from the steering perspective.

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Toyo PROXES R888

Toyo tyres are excelling in the market since 1966, and they are a USA based corporation. In today’s world with the advancement of globalization Toyo has maintained its service and versatility in order to compete with the market and deliver their best to the customers. Toyo PROXES R888 is a product of Toyo Company. This tyre is mainly used for racing purposes and can be used on racetracks and high performance driving schools.

These tyres have greater traction than most of the quality tyre products of Toyo Company, the unique tread pattern allows the tyre to grip well on the road and hence provide maximum stability and comfort during the drive. These tyres have maximum wet traction, but this does not mean that they are suitable for driving on snow and icy roads, they lose traction on snow.

Toyo PROXES R888 should not be used on wet surfaces when they have a minimum tread left because of the high risk of aquaplaning. The tread of these tyres provide resistance to aquaplaning in which water act as a lubricant between the road and the tyre and cause loss of grip and can be dangerous. V shaped grooves present in these tyres provides good wet grip while broader tread surface is good for tyre to road contact in order to provide maximum grip and adhesion on dry pavements, this increased tread also improves the handling and stability of these tyres. These tyres are specially designed to have continuous centre contact so they may have greater braking performance and provide security for the driver while racing. Tread of these tyres have relatively wider tread for improved, competitive and secure handling that increase the cornering force. Toyo has used Enhanced R compound tread technology in Toyo PROXES R888 to maximize the traction rate of these tyres. Toyo PROXES R888 also have a remarkable steering response.

Tread pattern of these tyres allows the tyre to have good braking as they have a short braking distance, emergency braking of these tyres made them a safe option to be used. These tyres have an optimum operating temperature of 71 degree Celsius to 104 degree Celsius (160°F to 220°F). Toyo PROXES R888 give excellent result in tarmac pathways with fabulous gripping, but a little exterior noise is sometime disturbing that can be managed over time.

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