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Toyo Proxes TR1

Upon putting on your new Toyo Proxes TR1 tyres, you are going to notice how well they perform on city and town streets while in the dry. They perform progressively well in the wet, but their real selling point is in comfortable road driving while in pleasant conditions. These versions of this tyre have a different tread pattern and sidewall that deforms a little less when cornering, which helps improve handling, stability and grip even if you have a heavier vehicle.

Toyo Proxes TR1 Characteristics

They are comfortable and handle the dry roads very well. Performance is above average when it comes to wet roads, and they will even handle icy roads to a certain degree. Their biggest downside is probably that they take very little punishment before their lifespan starts to decrease, and they are also below average when it comes to fuel efficiency.

You are paying for a comfortable drive and added grip in the rain but not for fuel-efficiency. If you check, your Toyo Proxes TR1 may have a wear indicator, and some people report that they work unexpectedly well on snow, though it seems to depend on the weight of the car involved. These are not for spirited drivers, but they do seem to handle corners better than one would expect for their price.

Toyo Proxes TR1 price

The average Toyo Proxes TR1 price is firmly in the lower price bracket, which may worry some people who are fearful of getting poor quality tyres, but that is not the case. These tyres are serviceable and run very well. The downside in relation to Toyo tyres Proxes TR1 prices is that they cannot take much punishment at all.

These are the sorts of tyres where you have two options. You can find Toyo Proxes TR1 online, treat them mean and like they are cheap disposable tyres. Or you can get your money’s worth and care for them with proper maintenance and sensible driving, and really get a bargain in terms of value for money.

Spirited drivers may be disappointed by how long these tyres last, but they do perform better than average when taking corners at speed, so the occasional dalliance with corner speed may be okay.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Toyo Proxes TR1 tyres

Treat them well, maintain them, and stay on the roads. Such is true of most low-cost tyres, though in the case of Proxes TR1 Toyo, you are getting a better-than-average wet grip, so it is worth taking good care of them and especially worth keeping them inflated to the correct levels.

When you buy Toyo Proxes TR1 tyres, you are not buying a strong or durable tyre. Going off-road, skidding, hitting curbs, and trying to quickly cut through icy roads is going to damage the tyres in a way that lowers their lifespan.

Some say that the tyres do not perform well on wet surfaces, but that is only if you are going fast and/or driving in a non-sensible fashion. Seasoned drivers will note that these tyres offer a very predictable performance in wet conditions. This won’t mean very much to inexperienced drivers but makes all the difference for people who, “Know what they are doing” on the roads, if you will pardon the elitist suggestion.

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