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Toyo Celsius Tyre

Many people confuse the Toyo Celsius tyre with a regular snow tyre, but it is so much more. This product is, in fact, an all-terrain tyre, which means that it can work on every terrain in every season. The Toyo Celsius tyre has a speed rating of T (190 Km/hr), which is perfect for passenger and commercial cars.

The durability of Toyo Celsius

Each tyre can handle up to 1565 pounds and can travel for the whole year before showing even the slightest signs of wear. All-terrain tyre Toyo Celsius is our number one choice for snowy conditions. It even features a 60,000-mile tread warranty. Furthermore, the tread pattern is a pretty simple yet effective design. It uses five rubber ribs, and a sidewall tread as well, to keep you grounded.

Tyre Toyo Celsius, Some Benefits to Consider

It is a great tyre for snowy conditions. The tyre can traverse through 14 inches of snow and adapt to lower temperatures. It uses a premium quality tread compound to maintain the life of the tread. The tyre comes with 60,000-mile tread warranty keeps a healthy relationship between you and the dealer. It has 5-rib tread design with black sidewalls is perfect for every condition, especially snow and water.

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