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Toyo Proxes R30

Many drivers that rely on increased security, equip their cars with first mounting tyres. The Toyo Proxes R30 is a summer tyre, the many vehicle manufacturers trust in original equipment. Thanks to the high reputation in the auto industry Proxes R30 is very keen interest from

Original tyres for Toyota Prius

Toyo is a Japanese tradition brand trusted many automakers during initial assembly. There are reasons. Toyo is already more than half a century is closely involved in the development of high-quality car tyres. All products are tested in independent institutes, which raises additional confidence with the vehicle manufacturers. So the Toyo Proxes R30 is preferred during the initial assembly of some Japanese car brands. Toyota, the well-known manufacturers of hybrid vehicles, sets the Toyo Proxes R30 a model in the Prius. The carmaker chooses just this tyre model, as it significantly contributes the fuel efficiency of the already frugal Prius. Given the Proxes R30 significantly improves the handling characteristics of the vehicle.

A summer tyre with exemplary qualities

Drivers rely happy on the reliability of the Toyo Proxes R30. Finally this tyre trust some Japanese vehicle manufacturer. With a newly developed tread Proxes R30 ensures excellent grip in wet and dry roads. Exemplary is the high level of steering precision and very good handling. The BI-Compound Technology improves braking performance and also increases the steering response of the vehicle, which is confirmed by tests with the Toyota Prius. A resistant tread compound ensures high adhesiveness. So the Toyo Proxes R30 is also very stable in sharp turns. Optimal drainage is assured thanks to several tread grooves. This is an excellent prevention against aquaplaning. The ride comfort is thereby also increased. A sporty, yet fuel-efficient tyres like the Toyo Proxes R30 can perfectly match with alloy wheels combine, which are also available at

The Toyo Proxes R30 is a reliable and safe tyre, the trust many car during initial assembly. Its properties promise a comfortable and safe ride with reduced fuel consumption. Toyota sets during initial assembly, among other things on Toyo winter tyres .

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