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Nankang Sportnex NS-2R Tyres

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Nankang Sportnex NS 2R Tyre

Nankang is widely known for its tyres for summers as they are high on performance and come at a very good price. Nankang Sportnex NS 2R Tyre is one of such tyres that provide you with a good balance between features and cost. The tyre comes with excellent cornering and traction features and doesn’t wear out much.

Get Superior Wet Performance with Tyre Nankang Sportnex NS 2R

If you live in cold or humid climates where it often rains or snows then the tyre Nankang Sportnex NS 2R will be very beneficial for you. The tyre can grip the surface very well in the wet conditions and offers traction that is second to none. Like most of the models in Sportnex series, the NS 2R comes with grooves that are broad and can be very efficient in draining water from the tyre surface.

High Responsiveness

The wide footprint and uniquely partnered tread with silica compound of the NS 2R increases the responsiveness of your vehicle. It means when you press the gas your vehicle will run with speed and efficiency without consuming much of your fuel. On the other hand, when you press brakes, it will stop in a timely fashion. It gives you more confidence and assurance during your drive that your vehicle is under your command. 

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