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Nankang Econex NA-1 Tyres

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Nankang Econex NA 1 Tyre

Nankang is another one of the prestigious brands that have been around for so many years. The primary emphasis of the brand has been summer tyres, and one of them is Nankang Econex NA 1 tyre . The best thing about this tyre is that you can also use it for your off-road experiences up to some extent.

Optimal Manoeuvrability of Tyre Nankang Econex NA 1

If you want to take control of your vehicle, then you must opt for this tyre. It has wide grooves and a very hard centre rib to grip the surface and provide excellent traction. The tyre will enable you to be in control of your vehicle and manoeuvre it as you like.

Fabulous Wet Grip

The tyre Nankang Econex NA 1 is known for their capabilities in the wet road conditions. The wide grooves of the tyre keep the water draining from its surface. The tread design contributes heavily to minimising friction and noise and improving gripping in the wet. Furthermore, your brakes remain responsive and effective in such conditions, and you can enjoy a safe drive whenever you go out in heavy downpours. Nankang has tested the wet gripping of the tyres for quality assurance.

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