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About the Nankang as 1

The nankang as 1 tyres are a high performance all season tyre. The asymmetric tread design constructed of an advanced tread compound provides increased traction and handling in all types of weather conditions. Cornering grip is enhanced by its curved shoulder design and larger outside corner blocks. This also adds better steering response and an overall better ride. This enhances the tyres stability in each speed range. For wet road handling, these tyres consist of two circumferential grooves, angled tread blocks combined with a silica enhanced tread compound. This also aids in the evacuation of water and greatly reduces the risks of hydrplaning. Better handling on snowy or wet roads is associated with it’s unique sipe bars. Nankang uses a variable pitch tread sequence which greatly reduces road noise. You can buy nankang as 1 tyres in several different sizes ranging from 13 inches to 21 inches. They are also available in T, H, V, W and Y speed ratings. Nankang provides a 40 kilometre tread warranty on all these sizes. 

What Kind of Tyre Do You Get When Paying the Nankang as 1 price?

When you buy the Nankag tyres as 1 you will get great quality for paying the nankang as 1 price.These tyres will provide you with the same high quality performance as the NS II summer tyre, with an added all season tread design. These tyres have great features like straight line acceleration, cornering grip, handling and traction. Buying these cheaper tyres still provides you with a comfortable ride and reduced road noise. These tyres are best suited for dry, wet and lightly snow covered road conditions. These tyres also have a good tread life in comparison to other like quality tyres. These tyres are considered second tier all season tyres. Purchasing these tyres while on a limited budget will give you the most tyre for your dollar. 

Why is it a Good Idea to Buy Nankang AS1 Tyres Online?

When you have chosen to purchase the nankang AS 1 tyres this more than likely means you are on a tight budget. Shopping online for these tyres will help you save additional money as a website like ours will find you the best possible price. We will also provide you with direct links to these great prices. You can also check out special offers, rebates and discounts while shopping online.

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