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Nankang Tyres was founded in 1940 with the mission of research and development and manufacturing of quality, durability, and safety in their tyres. They are still the longest surviving tyre company in Taiwan and have greatly increased their market share over the past years. In 1973, the company started selling tyres in Australia which was, at that time, a relatively untapped market. Over a decade, Nankang began dominating the market, and has achieved it’s meteoric rise in market share because of that foundation. In 2003 they opened their first manufacturing plant in mainland China. They have received Ford Motor Company’s Q1 certification.

They offer a wide range of tyres from cars, 4X4s, SUVs, commercial, and motorcycle tyres. They also serve as a midlevel quality tyre for those who are wanting durability within a budget. While not as widely known as other tyre manufacturers, Nankang offers excellent performance at a price that is reasonable. They have an excellent customer service program and offer advice on tyre care and replacement.

Nankang tyres for cars

Nankang tyres Performance

  • AS2 – These tyres offer maximum grip both wet and dry condition, better water dispersion, lower noise
  • NS-2 – These tyres offer better water drainage, reduced noise, better traction in wet conditions
  • NS-20 – This tyre provides better performace both in wet and dry conditions, better braking, noise reduction comfort
  • AS-1 – This tyre offers better water drainage for enhanced safety on wet surfaces
  • CX668 – This tyre provides reduced noise, resistant to aquaplaning, longer life
  • RX-615 – This tyre has better grip on wet surfaces for safety, less noise, more comfortable ride
  • XR611 – These tyres are less like to aquaplane, better handling on wet surfaces, less noise
  • N-605 – This tyre offers stability, noise reduction, longer tread wear
  • ECO-2+ - This tyre causes reduced rolling resistance for better fuel economy, good traction in wet conditions
  • ECO-2 – An excellent tyre for fuel economy and good traction

Nankang tyres for 4X4s and SUVs

  • FT-4 – This tyre offers enhanced water drainage to prevent aquaplaning, better maneuverability, longer wear, reduced noise
  • FT-7 – This tyre offers better stability and cornering
  • SP-5 – A great tyre for resistance to aquaplaning, reduced noise, long tread wear
  • SP-7 – This tyre is resistant to aquaplaning, less noise, even wear, and comfortable ride
  • FT-9 – A tyre offering better maneuverability over rocky, muddy, uneven surfaces, better grip for traction
  • N-889 – An excellent all terrain tyre

Nankang tyres for commercial vehicles

  • CW-20 – A great tyre - safe on wet surfaces, noise reduction, even tread wear
  • CW-25 –This tyre is durable, affordable, reduce noise
  • NTR066 – This tyre offers better grip, smooth ride, reduced noise

Nankang tyres for motorcyles

  • WF-2 Sports – A great tyre designed for high performance motorcycles, increased stability and cornering, comfortable ride, long tread wear
  • WF-1 Touring – A tyre designed to reduce chance of aquaplaning, more stability
  • NS-2R – An excellent tyre on both road and track good on wet surfaces

Nankang winter tyres

  • SV-2 – A great tyre with better grip on wet surfaces, shorter braking distance, improved maneuverability and cornering
  • SW-7 – A tyre offering better maneuverability and cornering on snowy surfaces, increased traction
  • SV-55 – A great tyre to prevent hydroplaning or slipping on wet surface, enhanced cornering and stability

The Nankang tyre manufacturering company has started to increase their market share because of the large demand for quality tyres at excellent prices. They make a durable, well-constructed tyre with great road handling over a wide variety of makes and uses.

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