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Nankang Noble Sport NS 20 - move lively and dynamic

Nankang tyres from Taiwan play in the middle price segment. The quality of the summer and winter tyres can convince usually - so also the Nankang Noble Sport NS 20, a high performance summer tyre for dynamic driving pleasure. The Nankang Noble Sport NS 20 particularly like its high driving stability and versatility.

Reliable even at high speeds

The name already suggests: The Nankang Noble Sport NS 20 is mainly used for sparkling sports coupes and high-powered cars of the luxury class thought. Approved for speeds of W and Y, the summer tyres can be to run at a top speed of 270 km/h as even 300 km/h. From this summer tyres especially motorists are addressed, wishing extend their fast cars on the highway right. At these speeds, safe driving characteristics are of course particularly important. The Nankang Noble Sport NS 20 offers good braking performance in wet conditions and shows a stable road holding, especially in dry conditions.

Safe handling in sunshine and rain

The Nankang Noble Sport NS 20 has a profile with very strong ribs. These divide the tyre into a plurality of blocks that give it excellent stability on straight track and in curves. Numerous cross blades are intended to divert water. They guarantee good aquaplaning characteristics. The Nankang Noble Sport NS 20 therefore does not come by a sudden downpour skidded. The tyre series also includes some XL variants with increased load capacity for transportation vehicles , trucks and vans.

The Nankang Noble Sport NS 20 makes driving in many weather conditions fun. Security ensures the sophisticated tread pattern also at a very high pace.

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