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Nankang Sportnex AS 2 Tyre

Nankang primarily focuses on summer tyres that are very reliable due to their strength and durability. Nankang Sportnex AS 2 Tyre is no different. It is among the best when we talk about providing the consumers with a balance between performance and cost efficiency. The tyre is best suited for off-road drives, but you can use it for your performance vehicles and SUVs too. The AS 2 is an all-purpose tyre best for those of you who want adventure.

Extraordinary Wet Gripping of Tyre Nankang Sportnex AS 2

The tyre Nankang Sportnex AS 2 provides your vehicle with high-quality manoeuvrability in both wet and dry road conditions. It comes with broad grooves for excellent water drainage even during heavy rains. Furthermore, it has a unique patterned tread for lowering friction and increased footprint. This design is very effective for limiting internal noise and boosting traction.

Top-notch Braking Responsiveness

The wide footprint of the AS-2 tyre also contributes to improving the responsiveness of the braking system. Nankang has tested the gripping mechanism of AS 2 for quality assurance. When you press your brakes, the tyre will be highly responsive, and you will be able to control your vehicle more effectively.

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