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tyre Manufacturer: Sava tyres

The high-quality and low-cost car tyres of Slovenian company Sava are now popular all over the world. Thanks to the wide product range of car tyres for cars, trucks and light motor trucks, the company has continuously recorded growth in sales, especially in recent years.

Sava tyres - a traditional brand

The Slovenian tyre manufacturer Sava can look back on a long company history: Already in 1920, the Atlanta import / export company was established in Kranj. Twenty years later the company was acquired by Continental AG, after the Second World War, the company was, however, as Sava verstaatlicht.1967 then carried out a joint venture contract with the brand Semperit, which in turn was bought in 1985 by Continental. Today is a joint venture contract with the company Goodyear. Today Sava tyres produced at several locations in Europe and in other parts of the world. With sales of around eight million Sava tyres Sava per year can be especially in the highly competitive markets in Western Europe experienced a steady increase in sales.

High quality at affordable prices

Thanks to the company's long history, the Slovenian company Sava has a very large experience in the field of tyre manufacture. Around the world, Sava is now known for its high quality product offerings. Moreover, it is able the company to represent with its affordable range of tyres a viable alternative to more expensive brands. With high mileage and low prices Sava tyres can countless motorists offer a perfect combination of outstanding value and reliable tyre performance. For growing success of the company also contributes to the comprehensive product range.

Sava tyres will not be in vain in this country more popular: Of high quality and mileage at the same time affordable to the Sava tyres of Slovenia's company prove reliable travel companion.

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