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The Sava Adapto HP - truly one for all occasions

The most striking feature at the Sava Adapto HP is that it is one of few all-season tyres really performing well in all seasons. The Adapto HP - said HP stands for High Performance - can keep here in this discipline with the proven top class, but is in fact a completely new development.

Sava - quality tyres with Goodyear technology

The manufacturer Sava is actually located in Slovenia. The production plant, which annually produces around eight million tyres, is in Kranj, Slovenia - so the middle of Europe. is used for tyre production, however, consistently Goodyear technology, in one of the most modern tyre production facilities in Europe. The excellent quality, and strict quality control before a tyre leaves the factory, it shows the Sava Adapto HP.

Top snow and wet - the Sava Adapto HP

The Sava Adapto HP has put in many comparative tests its robust qualities demonstrated, and has been consistently rated high marks. His special power of gravity has the Sava Adapto HP case when braking on snow, and the adhesion to wet surfaces. Especially the areas ie where traditionally all-season tyres usually have their problems. Also during handling and in the noise of the Sava Adapto HP still achieved very good grades - even from traditionally very critical testers spread their good marks mostly reluctant. As one of the few all-season tyres of Adapto can therefore also be really full-fledged winter tyre are considered, which still offers sufficient safety reserves even in difficult road conditions. Only in the dry braking distances, he is a trifle behind the really expensive brands - but this is, in view of the minimum distance of the competitors - practically negligible.

Those looking for cheap all-season tyres with excellent safety reserves in all seasons, which is certainly in good hands at the Sava Adapto HP.

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