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Sava intense UHP

The Sava intense UHP is a summer tyre specifically designed for the summer roads. It performs excellent work off road and on road. The highly refined black carbon tread are used by the UHP sport brand that models into a super asymmetric tread design that holds firm and tight grip on tread blocks and also on the continuous and straight middle black rib, that makes the tyre work continuous.

  • The spirally wrapped aramid are present in the tyre to provide high speed for a long time it also reduces the tyre weight and protects the tyre from spotting. These blocks and squares give a tyre elegant and stylish look.
  • This summer tyre has a unique bead and a rayon cord casing which raises or enhances the capability of a high speed of a tyre and also increases the tyre ride quality, which helps to give a smooth and safe long drive even on long miles miles ago travel.
  • The asymmetric tread gives this sport MAXX GT sport summer tyre excellent working and protects the tyre from burning and crashing in extremely hot weather. This tyre is used in sports competition as well as used for the street vehicles.
  • The most demanded countries for this tyre are Saudi Arabia, IRAN, Iraq and other such countries that are highly and extremely hot. To resist the heat and keeps the driving safe this tyre is used for the heavier vehicles.
  • This tyre makes the driver enjoy exceptional and smooth road adherence. The tread compounds that are used in it are mixed with black racing carbons to increase race and dry grip and braking performance.

The Sava intense UHP advance technology used in manufacturing the tyre of advance quality combines so many advance and fast features that offers accurate fast and good speed and offers the responsive drive.

The UHP tyre distributes its work to the every part of a tyre to carry the high fast speed and to resist the extreme heat. The pressure on the tyre is distributed to the patches of the contact to make the travel easy and free of worry.

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