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Avon ZZ3 - a thoroughly convincing ultra high performance tyre

With its superior driving performance and the countless other outstanding running of the Avon ZZ3 is perfectly aligned to the needs of demanding customers. The quality summer tyre guarantees the buyer maximum driving fun and comprehensive security and stability.

Superior performance and quick steering response

The Avon ZZ3 impresses with its all-round better driving behavior and by its sporty appearance. Thanks to the special, derived from racing tyre tread compound, the Avon ZZ3 on optimum adhesion on both dry and wet conditions. At the same time as aquaplaning effectively counteracted even at high speeds, as the summer tyres from Avon can derive the absorbed water quickly on his directional grooves. Moreover, the dimensional stability as well as the rapid steering reaction of this tyre is worth mentioning. In addition, the Avon ZZ3 has a special rim flange protection, so that high-quality alloy wheels are fully protected from damage. Another quality is the most gentle and predictable behavior of Avon ZZ3 the limit of liability: The driver is alerted early on, as soon as he has to reduce its speed and can therefore fully rely on these tyres.

Avon ZZ3 is manufactured in Ohio

Founded in 1904, the US company has a long and successful tradition in the field of tyre manufacturing. In addition, could Avon acquire a high reputation because of his racing commitments. Therefore, the Group is considered a specialist in the development and manufacture of high-performance tyres for high-performance vehicles. Worth mentioning is also the wide range of different car tyres that all claims and customer needs meet to a high degree.

The Avon ZZ3 is provided for a safe and comfortable drive in any case. Contributing to this, the high dimensional stability and rapid steering response in with. Thanks to the special rim protector also quality Alloy wheels are fully protected.

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