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Avon WV7 Snow Tyres

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Avon WV7 Snow tyre

Avon is the tyre company that is widely known for its tyres for motorbikes and bicycles. But it has a wide range of models available for four-wheel vehicles as well. These automobile tyres offer good traction and manoeuvrability and keep the driver in control of the vehicle at all times. Avon WV7 Snow tyre is the best example of such tyres. This winter tyre comes with hard tread and wide grooves and provides good gripping under slippery conditions.

It’s about Control with Tyre Avon WVY Snow

As mentioned above, Avon is known for its motorbike tyres where speed is the top priority for most of the consumers. However, when it comes to winter tyres, the feature that heads the list is superior control and anti-slipping. Fortunately, Avon understands the needs of its consumers and through the tyre Avon WV7 Snow, it has introduced a snow tyre that grips the surface with its large footprint and tread design and melts the snow under it with its hard centre rib. The broad grooves of this tyre drain the water from the snow quickly and keep the rubber of the tyre free from moisture and slipping.

The Price Benefit

One of the huge advantages of buying the WV7 is that it comes at a very convenient price, especially, if you know that you won’t need a pair for a long time. These tyres are very durable.

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