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A century of experience on your vehicle with Avon tyres

Experience and the expertise and know-how gained from it are today crucial influences in how your vehicle performs and reacts on the road in various conditions. Proof of a quality product is shown in its use, such as with a tyre it is the driving capabilities, durability, and reliability. When you make the decision to invest your motoring experience in Avon tyres UK you are assured of quality that has been proven for over 100-years since 1904!

Experience and acquired expertise cannot be price tagged, whether your tyre needs relate to a car, van, trailer or a motorbike. Adding to this is the fact of Avon tyres having been proved not only for everyday road usage but also on 2-wheel and 4--wheel racetracks worldwide. Over a century of experience in Avon's tyre creation history is today combined with the latest available innovative design and technology.

Avon tyre prices include protecting your safety with exceptional capabilities

It is always wise for consumers to compare product quality and price, but also to be considered is the manufacturing technology utilised, such as when you buy Avon tyres. In addition, there is the factor of a severe testing program designed to make your Avon tyres serve you with unsurpassed quality and capabilities.

When you are considering relatively cheap Avon tyres take into account the fact that of the contact your vehicle has with the road surface being small patches of your tyres! Is it not therefore worth investing in the best available tyres, not only for the safety of your passengers but other road users? Another factor is that your tyres are supporting one of your biggest investments and therefore should also be recognised from an economic perspective!

Safety, value, and quality when you buy cheap Avon tyres

Tread patterns are tyre performance influences that are sometimes overlooked. However, when we look at the aspects of Directional or Unidirectional tread designs, they provide an interesting viewpoint when considering Avon tyre prices and related quality.

The design of a directional tread rotates in one direction and generally offers “V-shaped” tread blocks. It is a pattern recognised for its efficiency in ejecting water and providing a secure surface grip. Although these Avon tyres offer fitment to all wheels, the correct direction of rotation must be adhered to.

By comparison, Avon tyres online offers a tread pattern known as asymmetric, with varying treads designs on the inside and outside of the tyres. It’s a pattern designed for the improvement of dry grip and water dispersal with increased-sized tread ribs or blocks located on the outer side of the tyre, to improve stability when cornering and increased tyre-to-surface contact areas.

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