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Rial wheels

Rial is one of leading German manufacturer of light alloy wheels and rims. In the past, the brand used to be a constructor of Formula 1 competing in 1988-1989. As owners of Formula 1 team, the company managed to get international recognition and keeps its position on the market until today.


The company ensures high quality of all its products by using state-of-the-art furnaces, high-tech CNC processing centres, efficient casting machines, and x-ray testing of each product at a final stage. Rial applies chromium-free pre-treatment of all wheels. One of important auto manufacturer’s standards is clear acryl varnishing and powder coating during horizontal process. In order to achieve maximum durability and efficient weight, Rial applies simulated load calculation in the construction and production of its wheels.

Rial wheel rims complies with all existing standards in German and meet numerous international requirements. It provides customers with guarantee that they purchase products of outstanding quality - the brand gives five-year warranty for all its products.

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Rial offers more than 14 excellent designs, including winter drive. You can always buy Rial wheels in traditional auto shops but if you want to cut expenses on nice accessory and get access to a wider range of wheel rims, go online. There are numerous online shops selling not only Rial wheel rims but also many other parts and accessory for vehicles. These products are always cheaper as online shops have no need to pay for the rent. Do not hesitate to purchase two pairs of nice Rial wheel rims for your vehicle.

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