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ATS wheels

Formula One fans definitely know about ATS company because it has been associated with motorsport for about 40 years. ATS is German manufacturer of wheels. The brand has success in creating elegant design, applying technical advantages and introducing cost-saving manufacturing. The ATS is a part of UNIWHEELS Group that has a serious focus on innovation.

Performance line

  • Forging technology. Alloy wheels of ATS are lighter and stable at the same time due to forging technology. Forging technology creates higher density of light alloy, which makes wheels stronger. In such a way, thinner material becomes stable without any losses in stability.
  • Flow forming technology. With the help of flow forming technology, drivers get lighter wheels without any considerable impact on stability. This technology helps cut expenses on manufacturing as there is no need to use other technologies to improve quality of the product.


ATS produces wheels with design that will suit any taste. The wheels are available in any size and colour. Moreover, you can purchase winter wheels for your vehicle.

Buy ATS wheels

ATS wheel rims are well-known for its quality not only in Europe but also other countries. The widest range of ATS wheels is offered in online shops, where you can also compare prices. Online shops have attractive prices selling genuine and authorized wheels. In addition, you can always order wheels that are not presented on the website but can be ordered directly from manufacturer.

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