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21 Inch Wheels

21 inch wheels are used with heavy transport vehicles and even armored vehicles. The size of the wheel means the vehicle it is attached to will have a very good ground clearance. Besides that the larger wheel can accommodate a higher number of wheel nuts with fewer complications. As we go up the wheel size the load bearing capacity improves and with it the shock absorbing capacity too. These wheels are not invincible, but they get pretty close.

These wheels can be commonly seen on buses and for very good reason. Thanks to its construction the wheel can work day in day out with little to no maintenance. Combined with tyres that have very heavy duty puncture protect the wheels can provide the most savings per mile.

Engine Lite with 21 Inch Wheels

21 wheels can help improve a bus’s fuel economy. The center bore connects the drive shaft to the tyre. As the tyre begins to rotate there are two different speeds it is going at. The closer a point is to the center of rotation the slower it is moving in comparison to the furthest point. What this means is whatever speed the drive shaft moves at the outer most edge of the wheel will be going at least double that. This means the engine has to put in less work to move the entire bus forward.

Unfortunately, the wheels are not so priced lite. But to find cheap 21 inch wheels the best place to start is online. Certain manufacturers deliver a new set of wheels to your choice of location – so there is no chance of giant wheels showing up on your doorstep unless you specify.

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