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AEZ wheels care tips

AEZ is a German company that specializes in manufacturing high –quality wheel for vehicles. The company was established in 90s but has already become successful. The success of AEZ is based on innovation, design, quality, and commitment to clients. Drivers know that German quality always means outstanding quality, which costs money. Experts frequently recommend buying AEZ products online because AEZ wheels price is a bit lower in online shops.

AEZ has a wide range of products, including wheels for three well-known German brands such as BMW, Audi, and Mercedes. There are also nice classic wheel designs, and wheels for SUV and off-roaders.

Care tips

Just like all parts of the car need good care, alloy rims also need care. Road dirt and brake dust quickly cover rims, especially when driving in heavy traffic hours. There is no need to take care to service station to clean wheel rims because you can do it on your own.

  • Do not use sharp objects to clean rims
  • Do not use acidic cleaning liquids as they can result in corrosion of the rim surface
  • Use the rim cleaner advised by the manufacturer.
  • Remove dirt and coarse under high-pressure washer. To prevent rim damage do it in a distance of 40-50 cm.
  • You can use a cloth or rim brush to remove remaining dirt.
  • Rinse the wheel with water again and dry with a soft cloth.

Simple but efficient tips will help you extend life term period of AEZ wheel rims.

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