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Aez and continuous structure

Continuity is the trademark that has characterized the development of the company Aez in recent years. Wheels annually now being produced in the millions.

With enthusiasm in the implementation of values ​​for success

Since its inception in 1996, the company's development of continuity is indicated. The focus is on the production and sales. These Aez relies on values ​​that represent the company's strength. It involves the design and an excellent quality of the rims of the house. laid emphasis is on innovation of products Aez. Significantly, the tec to the development of the wheels from the line Lite. These wheels impress the fact that they are super light. A further step in the success story featuring the start of serial production under the name Nano tec finish. In 2006 the house Aez was the first company in the production of light alloy wheels.

A range of products that makes impression

In developing the rim next to the high quality is the diversity center stage at Aez. This is reflected, for example, the classic design of the wheels. Offered are wheels for off-road vehicles and SUVs. Some of the models are at it produced only for specific brands. So Aez offers wheels for BMW and Mercedes. This, like the other models are characterized by a wide variety that can be ideally adapted to the requirements.

By selecting the desired rim of Aez can learn the importance of the different values ​​in the manufacture of wheels every motorist.


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