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History of BBS

BBS an acronym for Baumgarner Brand Schiltach, was founded by Heinrich Baumgarner and Klaus Brand in 1970 in Schiltach. Originally producing plastic auto body parts until 1972 when the company designed a 3 piece motorsports wheel. This is when the company began to take a strong position in the motorsports industry. In 1995, the company celebrated its 25th anniversary. At the same time Michael Schumacher had won his second Formula 1 World Championship utilizing BBS wheels. Subsequent numerous motorsports wins followed with the use of BBS wheels. Also in 1995, the two piece RS Wheel was designed and received global classic design status. The company was taken over by Belgian Foundation Punch International NV in 2007, then in 2012 Tyrol Equity AG and Co-investor Udo Wendland became majority shareholders and BBS GmbH was established. Nice Holdings Co, a Korean group obtained the majority of shares in 2015. Since that time BBS is present on the aftermarket, with a portfolio of year round products. Many leading automobile manufacturers utilize BBS wheels as original equipment on their vehicles due to the many years of expertise and quality provided by BBS. 

About BBS Wheels

BBS design their wheels by state of the art 3D technology. This process creates computer 3D models which are developed and simulated to provide the first prototypes. With each new creation the wheels undergo extensive testing and adjustments are made. The colour and exact surface finish are selected prior to the new design going into production. BBS wheels are designed to be lighter which enhances stability. BBS uses air-inside technology which works on the hollow chamber principle. Spokes are back-milled and undercut to produce the same positive effect. BBS also produces rim protectors and multi-piece wheel designs. These designs provide design advantages and cost benefits when the wheel becomes damaged. Wheels BBS are constructed using high grade, high quality raw materials. Aluminium alloys are developed using these quality materials along with quality production technology. During a low pressure process rough castings are made at precisely controlled stations. Rotating cylinders then compress them. They undergo 3 stages of heat treatment to define the desired strength of the wheel. The finishing coatings for the surface treatment are applied in several layers, and then go through diamond cutting and ceramic polishing processes. To harden the wheels surface a ball burnishing process is used. For long term wheel protection a final coat of clear lacquer is applied. 

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