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16 Inch Wheels

16 inch wheels are most commonly found in cars. They can also be equipped with CUVs, SUVs, and light vans. The wheels can be made of alloys, aluminum, steel, multi-piece construction, or even forged. Forged wheels in this size are hard to come by but can be bought. Forged wheels offer the best resilience against impact, making sure the wheel retains its shape. The other advantage is the load-bearing capacity. In terms of strength forged wheels sit on top of the hill.

Budget Performance with 16 Inch Wheels

Looking to change the wheel size on your car but don’t want to spend too much money on tyres, here is the solution. Equipping a car with low profile tyres often calls upon the rims being changed. Instead of going for low profile tyres – also known as performance or ultra-high performance tyres- go for commuter tyres. These tyres offer good temperature resist with ride comfort and can be fitted onto a smaller size rim. So, even a 16 wheel can help propel the car if used with the right combination of tyres and wheels.

Where to Buy Cheap 16 Inch wheels?

Wheels between the sizes of 13 to 21 inches are placed at dealerships as part of the original equipment. If you are looking for a wheel set that sports the same logo as your car that’s the place to go. Purchasing a set through the company can help you get cheap 16 inch wheels. To add to the bonus, the fitting cost usually is part of the sale price – a few pennies saved.

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