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Autec wheels

Autec has been one of the leading manufacturers of light alloy wheels in Germany since 1988. Despite huge market competition the brand has incredible record of success and impressive volume of annual production. Autec is characterized by innovative production methods, diversified product line, control system, and constant availability. All these features help the brand to be among the best manufacturers.

Innovation and design

Autec wheels have independent and very distinctive design creating unique look of each vehicle separately. These wheels will suit sports cars just like classic ones. The brand is keeping up with modern technologies and trends that help the company meet customers’ requirements.

The range varies from 14 to 20 inch appliances for SUVs, passenger cars, and even light lorries. Wheels are available in different colours, mainly, in silver, graphite, chrome, and polished black.


Autec wheels are produced with the help of low pressure casting technology. Wheels undergo x-ray checking and leakage testing. Wheels are pre-treated, covered with powder primer, then paint and clear coat. Quality checks are performed at all stages of manufacturing even when wheels arrive to the warehouse.

Purchasing Autec wheels

When looking for better Autec wheels prices, do not forget to check online shops. E-shops usually offer a better range of products available then traditional auto shops. If there are wheels out of stock, you can order them and get in couple of days. Buy new light alloy wheels for your vehicle smartly and cheaply.

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