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15 Inch Wheels

15 inch wheels are the most common wheel for sedans, especially in the Asian car market. The wheel can be made from aluminum, steel, multi-piece construction, and alloys. From 15 wheels size onwards the range of showmanship and performance wheels booms drastically; the reason being that this wheel size has started to be used with CUVs and hatchbacks. The growth of the vehicles that can be fitted with the wheel size means manufacturers – small scale and large – are trying to outdo each other in terms of function and price.

Wheel Nut

As the 15 inch wheels can be equipped with different cars the biggest problem faced is the fitting. Some wheels of this size can be attached to SUVs which means that they need different lug support systems. Even now in the world, the most common type is the four lug layout while in America most if not all sedan class cars come with a five lug system. A difference in lug number is visibly clear, but the circle on which the lugs are placed is open to change because of which wheels can’t be swapped between different models of cars.

Price of 15 Inch wheels

The price of the wheel depends on the make and model. Even within the same wheel diameter, a small change in wheel width can result in a drastic increase or decrease in the item’s price. The best place to find cheap 15 inch wheels would be the internet. Remember it is the best place to locate the wheel not to buy it.

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