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22 inch rims

Only the wheels complete the exterior appearance of a car. Sports enthusiasts drivers rely more and more on the large dimensions. therefore 22-inch wheels are now part of popular amenities of horsepower vehicles. Converted they have a diameter of 55.58 cm and thus belong to the large wheels versions.

Alloy wheels with 22 inch for sports cars

Whether Audi A8, Chrysler or Camaro - these are all typical vehicles equipped with 22 inch rims. Large, wide wheels give the car a look that is very popular especially in the tuning scene. Alloy wheels with a diameter of 22 inches are available in lots of different designs, from rather simple models with six or eight spokes to playful designs with double spokes in different colors. Alloy wheels are also very light and also offer a large diameter a comfortable ride.

Steel wheels in 22 inches for transportation vehicles

22 inch wheels now come not only on cars used. SUVs are also common with wheels in larger dimensions go. The massive body requires appealing large tyres and corresponding wheels. For vans and trucks include 22-inch wheels also for common facilities. Trucks will thereby usually combined with steel rims. These are slightly more robust than aluminum wheels and can carry heavier weights - an important prerequisite in professional transport traffic. Depending on the season rims with a diameter of 22 inches are combined with winter tyres or summer tyres. Weather tyres are an alternative for the whole year.

22 inch wheels give many sporting vehicles a dynamic look. In addition, the large are wheels also popular for off-road and transportation vehicles. They are available in many different designs and different price ranges.

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