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Superior Industries ATS Streetrallye Wheels

ATS Streetrallye Wheels are overseen and controlled by Superior Industries, a company which was founded in 1957. Since then the company has become well known in the automotive industry for producing and distributing light vehicle aluminum wheels. They have provided innovative high quality products over the last 60 years plus. They are well known for their light weight products and exquisite finishing techniques. Superior maintains several aftermarket brands like ATS, Rial, Alutec and ANZIO wheels. 

ATS and Motorsport 

For over 40 years involved in the production of wheels for the racing industry, ATS provides impressive technical advantage and production methods which are cost saving at the same time. These sensibly priced wheels provide an elegant design and provide great stability. ATS for many years has partnered and fitted many motorsport racing series vehicles with their quality products. ATS have been innovative in finding their own processes to reduce the weight of their wheels, which is optimum in the racing world. ATS’s UV resistant coatings, through their coating materials and machining processes are warrantied up to five years. ATS is the official supplier for DTM, Formula 4, Audi R8 Cup and W-series. 

The ATS Streetrallye Wheel

Streetrallye ATS Wheels are a part of ATS’s Design Line. ATS wheels Streetrallye are dark grey in color and are constructed with high strength spokes designed for the world of motorsport. They are available in 15 and 16 inch diameter, with a 5 bolt hole pattern. Our website can help you save time and money when you decide to buy ATS Streetrallye Wheels. 

The ATS Streetrallye Price is Reasonable

ATS keeps it’s ATS Streetrallye price reasonable due to the fact they have established cost saving production processes. These cost saving production processes do not affect the great quality of these wheels. When you choose to buy ATS Streetrallye online by using our website you save you time by doing your comparison shopping for you. You save money, as we will find you the best possible price for the ATS Streetrallye Wheels. 

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