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History of Ronal Wheels

Karl Wirth, a Formula V driver and entrepreneur founded Ronal in 1969 in Germany. Due to the fact that he was a Formula V driver, he personally saw the need for alloy wheels. Ronal’s production of light alloy wheels won 83 FIA titles on Speedline Corse Wheels. They now employ over 8000 people and produce cast and forged wheels for commercial vehicles and cars. The company manufactures wheels for both Original Equipment Manufacturers and aftermarket wheels. Ronal produces approximately 21 million wheels each year for the automotive industry. In the Cantanhede site in Portugal and the Harkingen site in Switzerland Ronal designs, develops and produces their own production tools. The headquarters of the Ronal owned research and development centre is located in Harkingen, Switzerland. 

About Ronal Wheels

Some of the technologies Ronal uses to construct their wheels to make them lighter is called Flowforming, undercut, carbon and forged. Ronal’s finishing processes include pad printing, multi-color rim, diamond cutting, polishing and laser. Along with the brand Ronal, the company also produces the brand Speedline Corse and Speedline Truck. They have produced many wheels that have been used to win many World Championship races.

How to Find the Best Ronal Wheels Price

When it’s time to shop for wheels and you want to buy Ronal wheels, try researching Ronal wheels online. This is the most convenient and easiest way to shop for most items today as there are many advantages. The ability to shop online any time of the day or night is convenient for those who work shift work and may not be available to go to the brick and mortar shops during business hours. Visiting a website like ours can save you a lot of time and money as we do your comparison shopping for you and are able to find the best Ronal wheels price 

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