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20 Inch Wheels

20 inch wheels mark the point on the wheel size line where all sizes including and surpassing 20 wheels are designed with the intent to carry. Sizes below can perform some of the same function, but for heavy-duty needs, this is the size to go. Most commonly found on light trucks the wheels do a solid job of getting precious cargo from point A to point B. here is where you will notice that the front and rear wheels will be of different widths.

Front to Back Function

For use on heavy vehicles the front and rear wheels are put into place to do two different things. The front wheels will have a smaller barrel, and the tyre will be narrow as well. The function of the front tyre is to steer the vehicle.

Meanwhile, at the back, the wheels will be very wide with the center forge lying closer to the brakes than the fender. On some vehicles both the front and rear wheels will be of equal size; generally, the load bearing axle has a smaller wheel width while the live axle wheel width is far greater.

The extra width helps distribute the weight of the load better and since there is more surface area; the transmission of engine power suffers fewer losses.

Sourcing the Wheel with 20 Inch Wheels

20 inch wheels can be found at truck tyre shops. Wheel shops may or may not carry the size, but there are some shops that are more than happy to find you the right set. Finding cheap 20 inch wheels will require some online research to find a place near you.

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