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20 inch rims - information and facts

For high-horsepower cars, sports coupes and sedans, drivers prefer today primarily large tyres. The matching 20 inch rims are therefore also in demand. Drivers will find a wide range of alloy wheels and steel wheels of this size, in very different styles, from sporty to reservedly elegant.

Especially tuner like the big wheels

Wheels give the appearance of a vehicle the finishing touches. 20-inch wheels in gleaming silver stand for sportiness and dynamism, showing aluminum wheels in black or even in tone paintwork, the driver appreciates something special. As varied as the designs, so different are the car models are eligible for the 20-inch wheels are used. Tuner appreciate the large wheels for sporty, high-powered car from coupe to limousines. Other motorists who like the large dimensions of vehicles of upper middle and upper class. Converted own 20-inch wheels, a diameter of 50.80 cm - dimensions that can quickly catch the eye.

20 inch wheels made of steel and aluminum

However, tyres with 20-inch diameters are not only used cars for use. SUVs, vans and trucks are also equipped with tyres in the large dimensions go. When wheel sizes for these vehicles is less important in a sporty design than on a robust and durable construction. Especially trucks are therefore with 20-inch wheels of steel go. Steel wheels are extremely tough, road salt and different weather conditions make them from nothing. In addition, they are inexpensive. However, more variety of designs offer 20-inch aluminum rims.

The tuning community estimated 20 inch rims because of their size, which rapidly drops in the eye. Trucks and vans and off-road vehicles are also common on large tyres on the road and need appropriate wheels of robust construction.


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