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14 Inch Wheels

14 inch wheels are commonly found on small cars and hatchbacks. The wheel can be made of alloys, aluminum, and steel. The compositional percentages of metals in a wheel can take the price on either side of the spectrum. The good old steel tyres still offer the biggest save on money and definitely not on fuel economy. One of the reasons steel wheels are slowly dying out is the weight and lack of corrosion resist. To offer better protection the wheels can be plated or painted – both of these should not be attempted on your own.

Terrain Capacity of 14 Inch Wheels

Don’t let the small tyre diameter fool you. People have a tendency to push their cars to the limit irrespective of power and size. This can result in the car traversing slightly unfavorable conditions. In such cases, 14 wheels comes with a broad range of tyres that can take the little car anywhere it needs to go. The one sort of tyre that will be difficult to come by is a heavy snow ready tyre in this size.

Original Equipment

For original equipment cheap 14 inch wheels are used. Just because they are cost-effective does not mean they don’t meet safety standards. What makes original equipment wheels annoying especially on smaller cars is the wheel width. Almost all small cars will have narrow wheels. These work great with the small engine capacity but do effect the braking distance of the car, negatively. Wider tyres offer a larger area of contact hence reducing the stopping distance by increasing the friction.

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