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Where are Oz Ultraleggera Made?

Oz alloy wheels are made in Italy. They are carefully designed to meet quality performance, quality construction, design and safety needs. This is established by Oz’s attention to detail. The Oz Group was founded in 1971, by Silvano Oselladore and Pietro Zen, specializing in alloy wheels. They are a very prominent and popular supplier in the motorsport industry. Oz supply Oz wheels Ultraleggera to many manufacturers for both OEM and aftermarket sales. 

About Oz Ultraleggera Wheels

One of the most popular Oz wheels is the Oz Ultraleggera. The Ultraleggera Oz was designed with Formula 1 racing in mind. Similar to racing wheels the Oz Ultrleggera wheels are designed with 6 slim double spokes which fully extend to the external lip with the center being carved out. The production process for manufacturing these quality tyres involves a low pressure casting process along with a heat treatment. These wheels are available in several colors. They come in 15, 16, 17, and 18 inch diameter. They are a monoblock model. The black carbon fibre hubcap, White carbon fibre hubcap, lug bolts ball seat, lug bolts cone seat, Oz racing black sticker, Oz racing red sticker are all accessories which can be used with these tyres. 

Oz Racing

In 1971, Oz produced its first alloy rims which were used on a Mini Cooper in rally races and won races of the day. Prominent automotive racing markets such as Formula 1, DTM, Indy, and Rally utilize Oz wheels. Oz wheels have been a part of over 150 winning racing titles. Oz alloy wheels are the wheels most often found on race cars. Oz wheels won their first Formula 1 championship in 1993, and won its second Formula 1 championship in 1996 and have been going strong ever since. 

Oz Wheels Used by Prestigious Automotive Manufacturers

Due to the superior quality, construction and high tech design of Oz wheels, they meet the necessary requirements of many prestigious automotive manufacturers such as Maserati, Aston Martin, Lamborghini and Ferrari. 

Worth Paying the Oz Ultraleggera Price

When you are shopping for top notch quality wheels like Oz Utraleggera consider shopping for Oz Ultraleggera online. When you buy Oz Ultraleggera Wheels online with a website like ours you have the ability to find the best Oz Ultraleggera price possible. We can save you a lot of time and money by doing your comparison shopping for you. Not only will we find you the best prices, we also provide you with direct links to these great deals for your convenience. You can also enjoy shopping for these amazing wheels when you have the time and it’s convenient for you, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This is a great option for those who work shift work and are time restricted. 

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