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OZ racing wheels

OZ is a relatively young international company specializing in numerous sectors, including racing wheel manufacturing. The headquarter and manufacturing facility are located in Italy. The main task is to create cutting-edge wheels for cars and motorbikes. In fact, OZ is well known for its outstanding quality and technologies in producing racing wheels.

OZ technology

  • Raw materials. For manufacturing of alloy wheels, OZ uses raw materials that are used in aerospace industry. Aluminum alloy, which is one of the lighters metals, is used for aftermath wheels. The material has a strong resistance to corrosion, and it increase wear time of the wheel. OZ also uses magnesium alloy to produce wheels for racing. The material is light and highly resistible to vibration.
  • Casting. One of the main features of OZ racing wheels is that the wheels are produced through low quality pressure casting method. This method is used to change the level of non-ferrous materials in high-quality products.
  • Forging. OZ wheels have greater strength and resistance due to being forged. Forging improves performance of racing wheels when they are exposed to extreme conditions.

Buy OZ racing wheels

Buying OZ racing wheels is an excellent choice. The price for the wheels is not cheap but high-quality products always cost more than other wheel rims. If you want to save some money, you are strongly recommended to check online shops. Some online shops have calculator, and offer comparison of prices with other online shops. Shop smartly and get nice wheels for your car.

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