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Oxigin wheels

The company AD Vimotion GmbH offers Oxigin car rims and these rims are available in different color coatings and wheel designs.

Service Oxigin wheels

The Oxigin wheels are distributed by the company AD Vimotion GmbH and the rims are offered to the customer pink in different color variations as blue, green, orange, gold, red or even in color. Thus, the customer can also gain an impression of the Oxigin rims might fit best in his view, an individual and virtual configuration with the selection of the appropriate type of vehicle is offered.

Product lines Oxigin wheels

The rims are Oxigin 6 Lexor, Oxigin 11 Safe, Oxigin 13 Panther, Oxigin 14 Oxrock foil finishing, Oxigin 14 Oxrock, Oxigin 15 Vtwo, Oxigin 16 Sparrow and as Oxigin 17 Strike offered in the product lines Oxigin. The foil finishing for Oxigin 14 Oxrock yet also offers an individual variation possibility of the wheels for an extravagant look. The rims of products Oxigin are available for each vehicle type in various sizes. The wheels are equipped with a ABE, a general approval. The color differences of the wheels contained in the struts of the rim, which in combination represents a great effect depending on the vehicle and vehicle color. This effect may be pre-made in the Wheel Configurator.

The Oxigin rims are not only color, but also the design and the variety of products very interesting. The Wheel Configurator offers the possibility an optimal selection of desired wheels for your own vehicle. The product range offers every car owner, the possibility the appropriate wheels to find for his vehicle.

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