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Portrait over rim manufacturer Enzo

Enzo wheels have an excellent reputation in the tuning market. The alloy wheels of this manufacturer meet high quality standards and know in appearance and design to convince. Endurance and resistance in all traffic and weather conditions are continuously checked.

Features of the rim of Enzo

The company Enzo in Siegburg belongs to the Alcar Group from Austria, which mainly produces products for retrofitting passenger cars. Enzo develops and manufactures alloy wheels in many shapes and colors. Characteristic of Enzo wheels are their sophisticated design and light weight. Nevertheless, thanks to the high quality of workmanship and the exclusive use of high quality materials that the wheels withstand all loads of road traffic. This is confirmed by TÜV tests and extensive testing. The weather conditions and the vagaries of traffic defy Enzo wheels with particularly strong special lacquer. Customers have a choice of three series and more models.

Design products of high quality

The rims of Enzo offered in three series: Enzo W, Enzo B and Enzo H. The B-series models are alloy wheels with a high resilience and resistance. They make every season a good figure and are suitable for the weather conditions of the summer as well as for the conditions of winter. In addition, the B-Series provides an optimal price-performance ratio. The W-series has been specially developed for the weather and traffic conditions of winter. Unagitated siebenspeichiges design and classic design make the models of the W-Series an eye-catcher. The H-Series convinces with an edgy five-spoke design, visual balance and a superb silver paint.

The Siegburger rim manufacturer Enzo has a wide range of high-quality wheels that are convincing in quality, durability and design. Convincing is mainly tested resilience in every season.

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