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Portrait on wheels Manufacturer Cms

The wheel manufacturer CMS is quite large individuality and uniqueness and has established itself as one of the most sought after and thus leading producers in the field of wheel rims. The range of aluminum wheels is obtained in the most unusual variants and models. From elegant and noble to get the sportiest and flashiest wheels in CMS. Thus, you can make your car even more individual, so it will be unique.

Unique, high quality and extravagant

For years, the company profiled through constant development and innovation in the field of wheel designs. So produced CMS annually more than 7.0 million aluminum wheels for the aftermarket in the aftermarket sector and directly in the original equipment for many renowned automobile manufacturers. So, for example, include Peugeot, Porsche, Bentley, Volkswagen, Toyota and Seat and Renault to the permanent customers of the company. The rims are obtained both for normal passenger cars and a van, SUV and of course the many exclusive limousines. If desired, are elegant but very sporty models selected for your car with ease from the assortment. From eg a 5-spoke wheel in diamat Racing silver to the absolute trendy matt black model in the 12-spoke version, the range keeps everything ready for you.

With CMS rims to play in the Champions League

In addition to the very convincing design, quality and durability is of course. By CMS wheel the car is so to speak a very individual dream model that unique, elegant, sporty or it can also be designed shrill. By completely new models from the bi-color collection offer even the choice for a unikat production in color and form. Thus, you are at a very extravagant way up in the very top league of tuning followers. The rim is then namely combined and made only for you and designed for your specific needs. Many models of CMS Wheels are also suitable for winter , so you have to give at any time of year to the extraordinary optics.

With a rim of the CMS series Your cart is more than upgraded. CMS convinces everybody.

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