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Crown Prince Steel wheels - solid and stable

In July 1897 C. Prince and R. Kronenberg start a business, which manufactures bicycle components and call it based on their last name Crown Prince. Soon they can be patented a steel wheel with removable rim. Today Crown Prince is a respected Flege manufacturer who can look back on over 100 years of success. Based in Solingen company specializes in the manufacture of Crown Prince steel rims. 1995, aluminum wheels are included in the Crown Range. Crown Prince Steel wheels are of high quality and stable. An example of this is the rim FL615001 that of Crown Prince is offered.

A wide selection of Prince steel rims

After the patent application for a Stahlfelgenrad the company Crown Prince brings other innovations on the way. 1930 provided by the manufacturer before the first disc wheel. Until then spoke wheels were on the market. The steel wheels production is the focus of the production of the company Crown Prince. Due to mergers and acquisitions produced crown prince under the umbrella of the company mefro wheels from Rohrdorf annually more than 20 million passenger car steel wheels. Also for commercial vehicles and tractors and construction steel rims are manufactured in production cities of mefro wheels Crown Prince. In addition, in the main factory Solingen still runs the production of other steel wheels for cars and trucks. Quality Crown Prince Steel wheels are at Tyres.NET to have.

Quality Crown Prince steel rims at Tyres.NET

The Solinger rim manufacturer Kronprinz can build in the development of its products on an experience of a century. This core competence Crown Prince is one of the leading steel wheel producers. You can in the event of the stable and shapely Crown Prince Steel wheels Tyres.NET inform. To the 7 million wheels has Kronprinz for interested private and business customers in stock.

Steel wheels of Crown Prince are the result of over 100 years of development tradition. The attractively designed and highly stable crown prince steel wheels are suitable for all types of vehicles from the car via the 30-ton truck to the farm machine.

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