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Diversity is one with the Proline-wheels

Aluminum and alloy are the focus in the production of Proline Wheels . It will be produced by the Mannheim-based company aluminum wheels, aluminum wheels and aluminum wheels. But alloy wheels and light-alloy wheels featuring the product range of Proline.

Proline marked many values ​​of beauty and quality

Aluminum rims of the company are determined in the image through the beautiful, high-quality design. With the work the company in 1996 has begun and observed constantly, which challenges the market offers. The employees work in the production of Proline wheels on their high creative potential, which they combine with a lot of experience and skill. The use of the latest techniques can thereby always new successes, based on the design, the quality and above all on the Service. This of course includes the acceptance by the TÜV which precipitate this extensively. Subsequently, the production of the wheels takes place in certified contract foundries.

The worlds of light alloy wheels and accessories

The world of wheels of two categories, which are to be Characterized Design wheels is and Best Basic. There is a choice in these wheels often between one and five sizes. After all, are the motor vehicles of different sizes, such as two-door and four-door, delivered. Specifies the picture is the wheels through a complete design in silver or black. Sometimes, the two colors are, however, been combined. So the image of the vehicles is something exclusive. The offer is completed by wheels locks, wheel studs and hub caps.

With the wide variety of Proline Wheels and accessories the owners of motor vehicles enjoy equal an all-round offer.

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