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Enzo wheels: German engineering with international expertise

For rim people are increasingly looking for great quality. The alloy wheels are usually a costly acquisition, which is to protect the tyre of the car and at the same time visually enhance it. Enzo wheels meet these demands with the promise of German workmanship.

About the company behind the Enzo wheels

Nominally would the manufacturers of Enzo wheels probably rather suspect in Italy, where the company is actually active. In fact, it comes from Germany and is in Siegburg (near Bonn) at home. Here the house is working on the goal of high-quality alloy rims for all popular car models produce. Enzo also heard for several years as a subsidiary to ALCAR Group, a company operating throughout Europe industrial and trading company, which is headquartered in Austria, close to the capital Vienna. With this background and international expertise flows into the Enzo wheels.

The distinguished models of Enzo wheels

Enzo rims are made ​​of steel and aluminum . In the main, the company manufactures thereby the light-alloy wheels for road vehicles, but there are also some models for larger machines, such as vans and trucks. Enzo operates in close coordination with the major tyre manufacturers around the globe to the black gold, which tend to move around the globe to achieve problem-free compatibility own rims. For this reason there is the Enzo wheels in numerous sizes and with significantly different offset. The design of the Enzo wheel covers all conventional tastes, ranging from spokes to sober designs.

Enzo wheels are characterized by clear designs, quality materials and maximum compatibility. will be built the wheels in German craftsmanship, but also international expertise flows into the models. Enzo belongs to Austrian ALCAR Group, which is active in 35 European countries.

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