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Dotz car rims

Motorists who pay attention to a sporty, stylish look for their vehicle can provide with Dotz rims for optical fine-tuning of the vehicle.

Felgendesigns von Dotz

Optical Fahrzeugtuning

The manufacturer Dotz is the optical tuning of vehicles, and here especially the sporty, sleek design of vehicle wheels aligned. Whether in blackened optics or in light aluminum - the alloy wheels Dotz are geared to all tastes. The focus of the wheel rims of Dotz is on light metal, so aluminum wheels aligned. Through high-quality materials and flawless workmanship Dotz provides car rims on even for the critical season, namely the winter, the right models.

Even in sports Dotz car rims are in use

Even the touring car field relies on Dotz auto wheels. Just like on the road, there are different styles, provide the here at Dotz rims car for both the aesthetic and the perfect tuning. Not only in monochrome design - convince inlaid with colored elements, the rims of Dotz, which provide in addition to their unique optical properties for optimum use of the tyres and the best handling characteristics of the vehicle. That's why experts like put in the racing sector on Dotz rims . This is a tuning expert who can get the tyres to optimum properties. So also racing car with the rims of Dotz are perfectly equipped.

Dotz wheel rims come from an experienced tuning manufacturer. Alloy wheels with optimum properties, which supported the performance of the tyres and the entyre vehicle optimally, the result of years of research and optimization work. The manufacturer is a valued and highly desirable vehicle outfitters in racing area.

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