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Impressive Autec rims for all seasons

To support the special personality of a vehicle owner's positive Autec rims are designed for more than two decades. Whether it is a sporty sedan or a compact car, it does not matter.

Establishing a persecuted today corporate goal

Already in 1988, the car wheels Südrad GmbH has prevailed in the market. Well took the company a further step, in which the subsidiary AUTEC GmbH & Co. KG was founded. To date, is the goal that it has set itself in the distribution of aluminum wheels, pursued. Available Autec are wheels for numerous vehicles, as can be determined even on a configurator. Almost ten years after the foundation was the BCW automotive engineering GmbH new owner of the former company.

The program of Autec Wheel

Over 20 aluminum wheels are in the offer of the house, which has its headquarters in Mutterstadt. The offer was so rich elaborated that there are sometimes five models of Autec rims. The sizes can range from 6.5 x 15.0 to this 8.0 x 18.0 range. Here Drivers will benefit from rims, which are manufactured with the latest technology. The production volume of the house has now been increased so that always about 300,000 wheels can be kept in stock.

With the different colored wheels, it is possible that interested the Autec Wheel vote just on the style of the car. Thus, the car gets a more personal touch. Finally manufactures Autec Wheel, which today are distinguished by their innovative design.

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